Iron Warriors MC

River City Chapter - Omaha, NE

Order of the Garter-IWMC


The Iron Warriors of the River City Chapter and their ladies favoured the idea of reviving the name of the Order of the Garter and creating ‘colors’ for the ladies to show association with the Iron Warriors MC.

            Mr. Clean and Ajax of Omaha started working on designs in late December of 2003; By January of 2004 had some rough sketches of what would eventually come to be the finished design in January of 2005. 

            We now have patch holders in  Nebraska, Iowa, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida.  We are proud to have our wives and significant others riding with the IWMC.

Order of the Garter in History

            In England, ladies were appointed to the Order of the Garter almost from the start. In all, 68 ladies were appointed between 1358 and 1488, including all consorts. Though many were women of royal blood, or wives of knights of the Garter, some women were neither.

            They wore the garter on the left arm, and some are shown on their tombstones with this arrangement. After 1488, no other appointments are known, although it is said that the Garter was granted to a Neapolitan poetess, Laura Bacio Terricina, by Edward VI. In 1638, a proposal was made to revive the use of robes for the wives of knights in ceremonies, but it came to nought.